The Friday 5ves

Still seeing how this blog pans out, but for now it’s the only means I can think of when sharing a taste of the music I listen and get into.  So for now,  you can guarantee that at least on Friday’s you can find five of my favorite songs that I over played this past week.  Typically you’ll find music here that is good to listen to while getting ready to head out on the town, for your weekend ski trip up north or music just to chill out to in sweats during your lazy Sunday or No Shower Sunday (NSS), as I typically call it.   Listen and maybe these song will become part of your weekend soundtrack.

Miike Snow – Billie Holiday

This song is epic proof that when you leave out a song like this from your debut album,  you know you’ve created something special.  Far and away one of my favorite new artists from last year and this song shows how talented these guys are in making music across all sorts of genres.

RJD2 – Games You Can Win (feat. Kenna)

At first glance, I was more excited to hear what Kenna sounded like than RJD2 after all these years.   Kenna, who immediately captured my attention with the song and video for Hell Bent back in 2001, mainly because the song was so unique and like nothing I’ve ever heard before.  As Kenna joins forces with one of my favorite producers on his fourth solo album, this is just a glimpse into all of the other goodies to discover on this years release, titled  The Colossus.

Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Kaekwon – Our Dreams

Oh my gawd, this is superb and was totally not expecting this upon first glance of the title.  Take a super old MJ sample and combine it with 3 legends in the game.  Having always been a fan of Method Man from back when he used to make the crap sub in my jeep sound somewhat decent, it’s nice to hear he’s still bringing it.

Lykki Li – Little Bit (Gigamesh Remix)

Lykki Li’s vocals just melt all over this spruced up disco beat that Gigamesh created.  Props to Lykki Li though, the original song is great but better when it transforms into something danceable, which isn’t necessarily true most of the time.

Hot Chip – Alley Cats

Hot Chip is responsible for creating some of my favorite electronic songs in the past.  A band that has relied heavily on creating electronic music and one of the fore fathers responsible for the type of music I listen to today.  With this said, this non-electro down-tempo tune is surprisingly one of my favorite songs from their new album titled One Life Stand.

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