The Twelves are a-ma-zing!

It seems that with everything song The Twelves remix touch, it turns to gold.   The popularity of this Brazilian duo  skyrocketed with their remix of MIA’s hit Boyz and have since grabbed the attention of dance music aficionados across the map.

They’ve been praised as Rio de Janerio’s answer to the Daft Punk on many occasions,  but really you can’t compare one to the other.  Daft Punk starts their recipe from almost scratch, adding samples, some vocals and then the break danceable beats.  The formula for The Twelves however, is quite simple.  Take an already really really good song, add a catchy drum and bass loop, place it in the synthesizer 0ven and the result is pure gold (Jerry), GOLD!  Just some damn good dance music, nothing more nothing less and fun as hell.

The essential mix below was recorded live and it’s 2 hours long!  A great mp3 to push play to while you’re at the gym, a long car ride or just a slow day at work.  Or it’s perfect if you’re like me and have a daunting 2 hour commute each day.  blah.

The Twelves – Essential Mix

Radiohead – Reckoner (The Twelves Remix)

MIA – Boyz (The Twelves Remix)

  1. February 4th, 2010

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