Hype It Up ! Delphic

It’s only the middle of January and the release of new albums from indie electronic artists never seem to skip a beat.  With so many electronic artists trying to break into the scene with their new enticing synthesized hooks and melodies, it’s difficult for this sort of music to have that lasting staying power.   However, I think it’s safe to say that when I repeatedly play a song (Delphic -Doubt) a billion times in one day, I’m hooked and it’s certainly worth sharing.

Delphic hails from the UK and this indie electronic trio got its start in 2007 by creating dance music and combing it with an euphoric twist of pulsating beats and light speed effects.  In 2008, the band signed to Polydor, a major UK label that repeatedly churns out chart topping hits in Europe.  Since then they’ve released their debut album on January 11th, titled Acolite. From what I’ve heard thus far, Delphic should have no problem living up to the hype brought about by BBC, as a band that should see much success in 2010.

This time next year it will be interesting to see whether Delphic will be in the “what happened to them” pile? or the “well done BBC for predicting success” pile?  I hope it’s the latter since these are the sort of musical acts that could gain a ton of success with each album, think; Cut Copy, LCD Soundsystem and The Killers.

Delphic – Doubt ❤

Delphic – This Momentary

Delphic – Counterpoint

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