Suggested Listening – Little Dragon

Yukimi Hagano’s beautiful voice had successfully consumed me this past weekend with the song Never Never . So much so, that it has forced me to pass the gem along.  The captivating jazz fused electronic music Yukimi and the band Little Dragon are about to take over the world with. Yukimi’s voice is reminiscent to that of Erykah Badu and a band that can be compared to that of a more off-beat Imogen Heap, but whether you agree with the comparisons or not, Little Dragon deserves a spot in your music collection.

The band mates have been friends since High School and formed when they decided to release their best work recorded in their Sweden apartment, which is now used solely as a rehearsal studio and no longer a place to spend their nights.   Little Dragon is Yukimi’s latest project but she’s a veteran in the game,  once contributing to the progressive band named Koop (as I never made the connection until now).

Little Dragon released Machine Dreams last August and while it took some time to discover, I’m glad I finally did.

Little Dragon – Never Never

Little Dragon – Blinking Pigs

Little Dragon – Fortune

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